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victory korea,drabble

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 11:53 AM
Yesung grinned. This was it, this is the feeling he's missed for years! He looked at his other bandmates who are as sweaty and as wet as him. They've been playing soccer in the rain for hours now, but nobody seemed to get tired. He can feel his muscles protesting as he watched Donghae pass the ball to Eunhyuk, which Siwon got to intercept. He thinks, he should be thankful, because the focus of the game was on the other side of the field, and not on his. But he can't wait to kick some-oh shit! Hankyung's coming their way with Sungmin behind him. Fuck. Heechul's being prissy again. Goddamnit Kyuhyun get the ball ! Oh yey Leeteuk , you got the ball-oh you didn't. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT.


The members gathered around the unconscious Yesung. Ryeowook was nudging him with his foot. He can hear Kangin laughing with Shindong somewhere.

"Nice block, hyung! Your face did a good job," Kibum said.

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Finally, I am in love.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 4:36 AM
so this is how it feels to be in love.

clouds :>

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guys please join the first ever f(x) fanclub on DeviantART!!!!

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so who went to the super show 2 concert last night????

meee ><

and here's a fanaccount:

but since i'm lazy, i decided to just record myself while talking hahaha

Fanaccount part 1 :…
Fanaccount part 2 :…
Fanaccount part 3 :…

my fancams :…
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Why I Like You ~ Yesung

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 6:29 AM
i just realized why i am so in love with yesung.

i thought it was only because he was cute or sexy or has a great voice....

but then, i also realized that kyuhyun also has those amazing qualities as well...but i've got to admit that i like yesung infinitely better (even if my icon suggests otherwise)

and so that got me thinking, why yesung? why not kyuhyun? or ryeowook? or eeteuk? or hankyung? heck...i was a hankyung fan back then (still is but yesung bias wins me). and well.....that question asked,.....i decided to watch videos of yesung.

and while i was came to me why i love yesung.
yesung fails a lot.
and i love that about him.

i honestly wouldn't know if i would still like yesung if yesung isn't as flaily as he is.// although i don't find his fail adorable..i think it's degrading for the person to be called adorable even if he fails...

so what if yesung fails a lot?

well here's the deal, if you read that link then you would know that i absolutely hate failures. i can't handle seeing people disappointed in me...i can't accept the fact that i failed something..and i'm absolutely scared of failing...but it still doesn't make sense right? what has yesung got to do it?

well you see.
even if yesung does fail a lot.

he can handle his failures.

he uses his failures to his advantage....thus turning his fail around and converting them to win ><

i like that about him.


I LOVE that about him.

i love the fact that he doesn't make his failures bring him down or limit him or stop him from trying again.
i love the fact that he always finds an opportunity to redeem his self.
i love the fact that he doesn't get bothered by the laughter....(or if he does..then he doesn't show it that much)
i love the fact that he can easily move forward and forget his mistakes.
i love the fact that he can do it anytime.

i think a man is best measured by his downs.
and how he acts in those moments.
and how he brings himself up again.

yesung fails a lot
but he comes back with vengeance and a disarming smile.
determined to make it up to himself and his fans
he's very thoughtful right?

i don't think other people would understand this post.but i just felt like professing my love to him via a lousy appreciation forgive me :( i only love him too much.

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because i know kangin was wrong.
because i want the law to take care of it
because i want the netizens to mind their own business
because i want the netizens to stop harassing kangin-oppa
because i don't want another jaybomb fiasco happen to suju
because i'm an everlasting friend of super junior forever
because suju has fifteen members
because if you take one out
it won't be suju anymore

that's why,



(for those with twitter, please #standbykangin)

because i don't condone drunk-driving or..just being drunk actually....i  do not say that kangin did nothing wrong....actually he did...he did a lot of wrong things..and people need to stop telling me that i should quit comparing this dui with jaybomb's case..because's not the same.... :| but the thing is....the reason why i keep attaching jaybomb to kangin's case is because of this :

jaybomb's case is weak.....but he quited because of it.the netizens made him quit because of a simple comment.

kangin's severe. because he got into an accident and showed immoral it's quite expected that netizens will be very very very outraged....and i'm afraid that they might fight kangin with the same severity.........and goooooooooddddddd...i'm not putting it past them that they might actually kill kangin TT_______TT although i'm hoping they don't.....

and now i'm standing by kangin....and the rest of super junior as well.....because god knows they're gonna need support.


suju hwaiting.

i sound like a broken record right?

but if this is what it takes to show my support and love...then by all means,,,,please don't stop me from ranting.
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1ST : If you've been tagged, you must write your answers
in your own JOURAL


My Tags:

      ehh do it everybody!!!


1.Who is your celebrity crush?
HanKyung and Yesung

2.What are you most excited for?
The comeback of Super Junior M!

3.What was the last thing you bought?
chocolate crinkles:D

4.What was the cutest thing you've seen today?
Kyuhyun's pic on my desktop :D

5.Does the weather affect your mood?
Yeah. it it's raining real hard, then I uber like it. I feel more productive when it's raining but lazier when it's raining while in school.

6. tell me 5 things you can't live without:

7.Say something to the person who tagged you:
Xie Xie!!! :D
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Ni Hao:D

So I'm chugging out lousy and lame colorizations of suju members and you can't stop me.nyeh nyeh. :P

I'm done with Hankyung,and Sungmin, now onto Donghae, Siwon, then my love Heechul!!!


I so love Heechul.

Woot. Heechul.

Okay sorry for that :P
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hindi muna ako mageenglish :D

kais nagaadik ako kay yan ya lun, wu ji zun, calvin chen, jiro wang, chen jia hua,  danson tang at tank :) lol

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But ignorance is not an excuse for performing below standards or violating rules.

Next time, I need to credit, and I need to pm the mod from the external galleries I use.
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darn. my knee hurts again . //gets the ice pack from the freezer.

so i think it is quite obvious that i am suffering from a knee injury. what an unfortunate thing for me :| well you see yesterday, i had to go home late since it was unfortunate that we weren't able to finish the machine exercise on time...i commute everyday and it was quite a shock for me that the road i always use to get home is suddenly too uneven for me,so i fell down. i missed a step and got my knee hit on the pavement. it was so painful, i'm telling you.and aside from that, my laptop also flew from my arms....i was so surprised and worried that that fall might have ended my laptop's life so i decided ...what the hell, i'll just endure the pain of having to stand up on  my bad knee. i got to it as quickly as possible and sat on the pavement, absolutely not caring if i bother people with my attitude... now remember i'm in a public it is stupid to use your freaking laptop in these places where there are lots of commuters around you and it is effing 8 in the evening. commuting in te philippines is not safe...i should have remembered that...but i guess i was just too concerned with my laptop dying out of me ...i mean my laptop is not in the warranty period anymore so i won't take any chances.....

so there...i was lucky that my laptop still works and there's no physical damage, just some few chips here and there that i could live with, but imagine my surprise when i suddenly get the blue screen of death. i immediately closed my laptop and run to the nearest jeep i could hail.ignoring the curious and interested looks of commuters directed at me, my laptop and my bloody, swollen knee, i opened my laptop again...yes in a public transpo(that is absolutely effing stupid because it is'll never know who the people next to you are, one might be a thief wanting to uhm....rob the jeep...) and decided to check my disk...

the whole ride to the mall, i was praying that the disk check would be successful. for five minutes the disk checking is still not finished. i was becoming frustrated...and thankfully the jeep slowed to a stop and i was already running towards the mall with a laptop in my'd think i learned my lesson by then..but it was mishaps..just a swollen bloody knee.. i got to the nearest mocha blends ...sat on the couch and asked for the waiter for 2 cups of for my knee...which is apparently a bad decision since warm compress only worsens a swollen there. i had 2 cups of cappuccino...and i think i could walk properly again... (the running feat was obviously an effect of adrenaline rush) there..i calmly collected my things...asked the waiter to repackage my second cup so i can drink the rest on my way home....i called my mom saying that they should prepare an ice compress for me immediately..of course they asked what happened, and i lied. i told them i fell off the stairs.... because obviously i can't tell them that i took a wrong step while commuting with my laptop flying out of my reach. that would make a scene i'm sure.

so there.

and that ends my pain.

actually it doesn't end there..because i'm still nursing my injured knee...follow RICE. Rest Iced-Compress Elevation..yeah I invented the i :lmao: i forgot what the i meant.

so anyways. please pray for my kneecap..i don't think i can bear it if i knew that my knee was fractured, after all i'm having my practical test in running this's a pass or fail..and, i've failed my first pe already..i don't want to fail this second one :( i really hope God takes pity on me and gives me the boost to be able to run 5 km in 30 minutes... it is going to be bloody. :|

so  i told you of my pain..

and now i tell you of my annoyance and irritations...

you see i'm not a well-coordinated girl..i mean, i'm clumsy, i'm a klutz..i admit it, and i find that fault a bit embarrassing but i can live with it... just not with the pain..the humiliation i can doesn't add anything to the can call me any synonym for a clumsy person, but i would not tolerate being called as a bella imitator..

see all posts boil down to twilight.

i think it's quite apparent, my twilight hate...i really don't hate twilight..i just don't like it...and i can live with or without it...what i don't like are people who try to incorporate twilightness in things that are better off alone. i mean sure i can accept people making fun of my fault..but i will never ever accept the fact that someone just said that i'm becoming quite the bella..since of my klutziness..well i'm sorry i'm clumsy and i'm sorry stephenie meyer made clumsiness so endearing :| this acquaintance of mine doesn't like twilight..and i sometimes wonder how she sees the connection between real life events and her quote-unquote hated twilight moments....

well...i may just be pissy for nothing..but give me a bloody break here. :| i just had my knee injured, i don't know if the injury is that bad to very bad, i am clinging on to the hope that my knee will miraculously heal in 2 days time, and i haven't finished my machine problem yet.

and she goes around saying things like that? directing her scorn for twilight to those who happen to have an experience relevant/irrelevant/similar/dissimilar to those of the books and/or movie.

i swear she is worse than a fangirl....

at least a twilight fangirl would point it out to me while gushing....and well..fangirling...and well it's so much better than receiving unwarranted annoyance :|

like, did i ask the ONE ABOVE that i be placed in such a predicament. I think not...and you bloody well think not too....

// end rant
// runs off getting another icepack.
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Justin Finch-Fletchey : "And you're Hermione Granger, always top in everything"
Terry Boot: "With a mind like yours, you should be in Ravenclaw"
Oliver Wood: "He could have kissed her."
Neville Longbottom: "She's always been really nice, helping him out with work and stuff- "
"Professor" Remus J. Lupin: "You're the cleverest witch of your age I've ever met, Hermione."
Viktor Krum: "He'd never felt the same way about anyone else."
Harry Potter: "But I don't think you're ugly."
Ronald Weasley: (When she kissed him on the cheek) "he seemed to come to himself slightly as they walked back across the Great Hall. He touched the spot on his face where Hermione had kissed him, looking puzzled, as though he was not quite sure what had just happened. He seemed too distracted to notice much around him..."…
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just dropping by to uhm...i don't know , think out loud?

i think steven strait would make a great and hot sirius black :D but then there's also ben barnes :| hmm it's such a tough decision :|

that is all.

thank you :)
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I'm so sorry. pendlestock reminded me that I have to credit the stocks/brushes/photoshop actions/tutorials I use, so here are they:


leaky cauldron :
ktnb :


Suddenly Spring Brushes by gvalkyrie
Flourish Brushes by seleneheart
Shadows Blood Brushes by JamesRushforth
Grunge Brushes 3 by KeReN-R
Grunge Extreme by RazorICE
Gothic Swirls Brushes by :devscully7941:
Hair Brushes Whisps by maskimxul
Hair Brushes II by ivadesign
71 Circles Brush by ArtByScott
Ribbons by vintage-roses


A Lolita Scorned Font… by Angeliq
Evolution TTF… by PAULW
Advent Font… by adventfont
Sliced AB… by atobgraphics
Sunday Morning Garage Sale…
Madsch font… by Lydia-distracted
Ultravioleta… by aedys
Jellyka Castle's Queen… by Jellyka
Handwriting: So Dishonestly… by milesapart
Froo7h… by MissFroo7h


Sparkles by Ermenelwen
Original Scrapbook Textures by masterjinn
Victorian Dreams Texture Pack by Princess-of-Shadows
Icon Base + Texture Pack 3 by lookslikerain
Icon Base + Texture Pack by lookslikerain
50 grunge icon textures by Sarah-Dipity
Various Icon Textures Set 02 by lostinsidethecrowd
Candy and Scrap Textures by ffyunie
Icon base + Texture Pack 4 by lookslikerain
Light Texture by AL-BATAL
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I promised Pao, that I will give him something for his birthday.

This is what I came up with.
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I've got a lot of thing to try out. I mean, I want to try out a lot of things, like vexel/vector art, cool photomanips, and fractal art. But I don't think I can do them all.


I wish I was creative enough to create nice deviations.



I haven't worked on my fanfic story yet. :(

I am dead tired.
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Robert Pattison is love.:blush:

I wish he and Emma Watson would hook up.:nod::excited::nod:

I hope I have my own Robert. Things are pretty problematic lately. And now, my own Robert/Cedric/Edward is not even talking to me, but then, it was already a given, I made the first move of going away, and avoiding him, so really, who am I to complain? It's not like he drove me away or something. But that's the thing, I don't think my actions are justifiable, and maybe that is the reason why I'm feeling so guilty about pushing him away, and making him feel as if evry thing was his fault.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not regretting the things I did. When I gave up on him, I've stopped minding his problems, I've stopped worrying about him, I've been, I don't know everything just felt a LOT lighter. It was fun, during the break. But since I got back to school, I was overwhelmed. Because now did I not only have my best male friend gone, I can't even talk about it to my friends. I don't want them seeing that I haven't been alrighht, for a long time now. They have their own problems with their real beaus and mine is just too insignificant to warrant their attention.

But how did we get here?
When I used to know you so well

But how did we get here?
I think I know

There is something
I see in you
It might kill me
I want it to be true
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I would probably kill myself.


Haha. There are things guys can get away with, and these things are usually not applicable for us girls. But then, I think guys have it harder. This macho idea that we have now, is like, the standard for guys anywhere. If one would deviate from it, then some people would think badly of him. They can be so much under pressure. But then, we girls are under pressure too. And , now that I think of it, maybe it isn't right to compare he burdens a male or a female would have. I mean, the grass is always greener on the other side, right?!?

Oh well.

I have to study for my geog test on Tuesday.I have to memorize the locations of countries. But thankfully, we're only covering Oceania and Asia.

And, it's already late. And I want to read fanfiction!!!!!!!!!


What would you do if you were a boy?

I would.

I would not leer at women's breasts.
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I'm in the eager-beaver work mode!

I've decided that I've lurked long enough in dA and I don't want to be a lurker forever, so now I'm cleaning up my dA account.By cleaning up, I mean categorizing my deviations, crediting the owners of the stock pics I used and creating much more sensible deviant art user comments.

But, right now, I'm feeling a bit lazy. I don't want to go through all my deviations and credit and comment every stock pic owner I've stolen from. I'll do it next time, when school is much more manageable.

So for the meantime, a list of all the sources I've used.

Harry Potter: